Friday, June 27, 2014

Little League Tournament Season is Underway!

Welcome to the 2014 season of Little League Insider. For anyone just stumbling upon us, we’re an unofficial, unauthorized, and unique blog about the Little League international tournament. We only cover the majors division, which leads to Williamsport. We don’t worry about softball or the 9/10s, 10/11s, juniors, seniors, or big league divisions.

We do our best to cover the entire country and find teams that are worthy of advancing to the regionals and eventually Williamsport, but we’re an East Region based blog. It’s just me, John Malone Jr. Every once in a while we’ll get some guest posts for other parts of the country, but usually I get my information from the Internet and post nationally based roundups like today.

Once we get state championship time, we’ll do profiles and previews of the state champions. We’ve done radio shows on Sundays, which have been successful. The next two months should be a lot of fun. The best place to learn and talk about results and team is on our Facebook Discussion Board. I also post links and thoughts on our Twitter and actual Facebook Page.

If you want to write a guest post, you can always email me. Even if you just want to alert me to a team I’m missing, that’s a good way to get me some info.

Check out today's roundup after the jump....


There are four solid favorites in New York based on prior history. The number one team is Sherman Park Little League of Hawthorne. They won the 10-year old state championship and lost in the 11-year old state championship game with two players up on the 12s last year. They’ve been geared up for this run. They won their first game 14-0, and needed a walkoff home run in the sixth to beat Rye Brook 8-5 in their second game. We’ll see how they fare.

The team that beat them as 11s is Saratoga American. They’ve been to the state tournament as 10s and 11s. In Section 5, South Shore National looms (assuming they get out of the toughest district in New York). SSN is a powerhouse for years and years with an experienced coaching staff. They’ll face a decent Garden City squad in sectionals, but should make noise at the state tournament.


West Salisbury has looked the strongest so far in Maryland District 8, but the team that has made headlines is Elkton. While Elkton’s district is traditionally weaker than most, Elkton has put on quite a display with victories of 50-0, 20-0, and 12-2. Matt Ross hit for the home run cycle in the 50-0 win which included 11 total home runs for Elkton. Read about it here: Cecil Whig Daily
Cecil Whig Photo by Kevin Phillips


The toughest state to get out of it has an odds-on favorite this year and that’s Encino Little League. Encino won the 11-year old title and beat the 10-year old champs, 9-1, in their first district game. It’s a long road though. Ocean View from District 62 and the LLWS champs a couple years ago have looked strong so far as well.


North Springs from District 10 is the heavy favorite. They have won REGIONAL titles as 10-year olds and 11-year olds. Heavy favorite to do damage this year in the state of Florida.

Do you know of any other teams around the country with serious aspirations for state titles? Tell us about them!

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Thursday, June 12, 2014

East Region Schedule Released

Being that I'm a resident of the East Region, attend the East Region Tournament every year, and the majority of you guys are from the East Region as well. We're going to break down the schedule before a single game is played anywhere in the United States. First, without further ado, is the 2014 East Region Tournament schedule featuring the Mid-Atlantic Tournament and the New England Tournament.